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Change shop link in a multilanguage product page

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On the products page the roots is always the "boutique" page (the main language is french), but my products are translated in english and german...
For example on the screenshot attached, we are on the product page translated in english, though the roots is still "boutique" and not the "shop" page (=translation of the "boutique" page in english) I did.
How and where can I modify this link? it should link to the english shop page and not to the boutique french page.

Thank you in advance for your help
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    Have you tried renaming your site in Pages menu that is your main Shop page?

    It can be tricky question cause it is clash between 3 external plugins :-) WPML, WooCommerce and Breadcrumbs and I don't know them inside out:-)

    With regards.
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    Hi, what do you mean with "renaming your site"? how can I do that?
    the thing I'v done when I started was to rename the main shop page "Boutique", I then translated it into en/shop and de/Boutique
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    Actually I dont need the link boutique (or shop) or even the boutique page as I dont need a page with hundreds of products! The category slug would be enough, and the categories links work in the 3 languages, so would it be possible to remove/hide the boutique link? if so how?
    Thank you so much in advance for your help!
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    I wonders how you even have breadcrumbs visible on product page?
    Cause I have just checked in code and you shouldn't see them there, have you edited theme?

    Try settings in bredcrumbs plugin Settings->Breadcrumb NavXT->Post types and experiment there with product settings.

    With regards.
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    Awsome it worked, thank you so much for your great help!
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