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Font color for Airlock

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How can I make the font on posts darker? I have looked at other queries, but can't find the same files on my install.

1. Can you tell me what file do I edit to make the font darker for the light page profile?
2. Also, how can I make the links a different color?



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    Can you also tell me where the page for RSS is?

    I would like to allow people to do the RSS, but I am not linking to the correct file. It keeps saying the file is not there.

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    OK , I have the links color changed, sort of .....

    But I still can't seem to change the font color for the Blog Posts. could you please tell me what line should be edited to make the post font darker for the light style (and likewise lighter for the dark style)?

    Thank you,
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    Sorry for very late answer. I were away for a while.

    Font color in post: in style files search for '.post-text':

    .post-text {
    color: #8E8E8E;
    padding: 10px 0;
    and edit color.

    With regards
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