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Airborne : Catchable fatal error when i view the image

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i gor this error when i view the image And At typography image with lightbox, i also cant upload image.

1. List of ACTIVE plugins.
- i never install any plugin
2. Wordpress version.
- 3.4.1
3. Theme version you have downloaded.
- 1.2.6

1360 x 768 - 305K
1360 x 768 - 235K
1360 x 768 - 243K
1360 x 768 - 244K
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  • AirAir
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    I have no idea what generates this error. Please send me via private message (HERE ON FORUM) temporary access to your wordpress so I could check by myself.

    With regards.
  • AirAir
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    Hey. Can't diagnose what is going on with Airborn. But one I can tell you - if you want to use airborn try using older wordpress version

    Airborn is no longer updated due to it weakness and not popularity.

    With regards.
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