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Bug with woocommerce product category after updating to wordpress 4.2.3

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Hi there,
I'v just updated to wordpress 4.2.3 and unfortunately I now have errors 404 on most on my product archives (woo commerce product category).. How can I fix it?
my website is
many thanks in advance for your help


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    I'v just notice that some of the broken links have now a permalink base product-category or produkt-kategorie instead of categorie-produit.. the website is in french, but an english and german versions are under construction and currently hidden. many thanks in advance!
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    This sound like conflict on Woocommerce - Wordpress line and should be ask there probably.

    However my first shot would be to change permalinks. Go to Settings->Permalinks and change to default one first. Save and check if your site is working any better. If yes, then go and change permalinks again and check how is your site now.

    This move will refresh permalinks cache, so it may fix this issue.

    With kind regards.
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    Also if you are translating using WPML, check if there is some updates to it!
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    Hi, many thanks for your fast reply! After some research I'v found out that the issue was in the wpml string translation of the product-category permalink. I wrote product-category in all the translations (french and german) and it fixed the 404 error! Have a lovely day :-)
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    Great! Thanks for sharing!

    Have a great day also! :-)
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