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Hey Apollo13!

Great theme - really like this :)

Ive got Xpert up and running by uploading your content and then editing the pages to customise (so I have basically the same layout).

I've setup the portfolio such that work items are displayed in the same page (rather than a lightbox etc). The problem I have is when a visitor goes to my page, clicks portfolio, clicks a work item. When they click back in the browser to return to the list of works, they are taken to the front page.

This makes browsing the portfolio a nightmare - is there a way around this ?




  • Quick update to this... the site actually behaves as expected in Safari (i.e hitting browser back button whilst in a work return to portfolio) but not in Chrome.
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    Could You provide an url to your website?
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  • Im also experiencing another issue on the same site whereby images in the works are prematurely cut off. I cant reproduce it every time but by going in/out of a few portfolio items it appears eventually. Here is an example screenshot below. I dont have any maximum size set on the images in settings.

    Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 15.18.03.png
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    yes I can see the problem.
    As for items being cut of - this will be fixed for sure, as for portfolio items - I'll see what I can do. You can always switch work to be opened in modal panel.
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  • Thanks so much for getting back to me. I look forward to hearing if youre able to fix this

    Ive switched to Modal for now, but the navigation is not that clear. Because the modal 'dissapears' into the screen it's not obvious that the user needs to click the grid to get back. I suspect users will still try and click the back button...
  • hi mlangsman how did you upload the default theme
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