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Envato Toolkit upgrade failing.

Dear Air,

Here is a different issue as you like. Let me know how to manual install FTP the theme please to fix this recurring error.

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Stephen Cr
Stephen Cronin (Envato Market Help)
Jan 20, 19:31

Hi Jake,

Sorry, there's not much we can do to fix this problem happening in your case, until you have done a manual update using FTP.

The problem is happening because the Envato Toolkit plugin is trying to do an install rather than an update and it will always fail with that message.

It's trying to do a manual update because of a problem with the theme. They have fixed it now, but things won't be back in sync until you do a manual update using FTP. Unfortunately, there is no way around you doing a manual update.

There should be instructions provided by the author on how to do this in the documentation, but if there isn't you will need to contact their support service for advice.

Sorry that there is not a better solution than this.

Kind Regards,
Stephen Cronin
Quality Specialist (Templates & Plugins)

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