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experiencing significant problems since upgrading


My website's

As you can see, we're experiencing significant problems since uploading including:

1. strange white space appearing at top above Rev-Slider

2. Menu bar not working properly or looking anything like it did before we updated

3. Visual Composer backend doesn't seem to be working AT all - full width content/non full width seems to be all over the place

4. background images/colours have all been lost

5. serious sizing issues of images on Internet Explorer

I've read that there are some glitches and you'll be releasing an update soon - please notify me when this comes out. But is this going to fix all of the above? Why have we experienced so many problems/changes?



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    thank You for this report.
    that's correct - we're going to release an upgrade that will work with WordPress 4.5
    I'll let You know when it's ready.
    Remember to rate our theme if you like it ;)
    All the Best.
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    Adamant update has been released, please update your website.
    Please take a look at:
    Remember to rate our theme if you like it ;)
    All the Best.
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