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issue with layout / typography on Safari

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Hi there,
I tweaked a little bit our Fame website, so I changed the typography, the font weight, etc, the h1 to 6 font size in the css too. And now the typography of the menu, content etc, is not consistent anymore on Safari, it means that when I navigate through the website or refresh the same page the typography changes (please see screenshots attached). No issue on Firefox though... Unfortunately for google analytics our clients are most of all on Safari :-/
Can you help?
Many thanks in advance

(screenshot 1 is the correct one)
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    Also the css changes I did on the H1 to H6 on the css editor don't work appart in the content of the wrong Safari version...
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    1. You mean it changes during being on page, or that it is different from the start?
    2. Link to your site?
    3. Have you embeded new custom font, or only written new CSS for already emebded font?
    4. When you use only theme settings for fonts, does it look good on Safari?

    With kind regards.
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    Many thanks for your reply
    1. actually both, if you refresh a page it will look different and then if you navigate on another page it looks again different
    3. Not sure I understand... I simply went in the typography area on the fame theme and choose a google font, then I went to layout and made some changes there, finally I went to the editor and did some changes in the font-size of the h2 to h6, that's it
    4. how can I do that?
    I must say that I'm still working on an at least 6 months old Fame version (child), since my webmaster wasn't able to make the update.
    Many thanks in advance :-)

  • AirAir
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    OK I know most of what I need. Can you tell me where did you make these CSS changes? Cause I don't see them in custom CSS section.

    With kind regards.
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    Hi, actually it was not in the custom css section but in appearance -> editor. Here I have all my general css. In the editor I only changed the font size of h2 to h6 I did the rest in typography and layout. Should I copy you the style sheet?
    By the way I'd be interested in making the text small under the thumbnail in my product categories, but wasn't able to find where in the style sheet..
    Thanks :-)
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    I mean I'd like to make the font size of the text under the product thumbnail smaller in product categories
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    coris8 said: By the way I'd be interested in making the text small under the thumbnail in my product categories, but wasn't able to find where in the style sheet..
    Try using firebug for this :-) Or send me screen shot with link to that page and I will hunt this selector for you. Best would be to do this in new topic.

    Back to main case
    I have no clue what is wrong in case of Safari. Can you see same issue when you change font to different one?
    Can you post me screen shot of how your settings look now in Typography?

    With kind regards.
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    Good guess! I changed the font in typography and it did the trick, now the font style stays consistent through the website in Safari too. Thanks :-)
    For the css questions I'll try with firebugs, thanks for the tip, and if it doesn't work, will open a new topic.
  • AirAir
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    That is great.

    If you need anything you know, where to find me :-)

    With kind regards.
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