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Can the blog page be Masonry with side bar and require the individual blog posts to have a side bar?

I am trying to see if I can keep the blog page that displays all the posts within the blog on the masonry style with no side bar, and have the blog posts show a side bar. Many affiliate programs I plan on joining require that I put the affiliate disclosure high up on the page so a side bar seems to work. However, can I do that on this theme?

SO on my blog, I would like this page to not have a side bar and remain the way it is,,, and blog posts such as to have the side bar. Would that happen? If yes, how?

Please let me know


  • AirAir
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    In this theme there is one sidebar for both single post and posts list(blog), so it is not possible right from theme options.

    However you can do simple change in code to disable it on blog(remember to enable blog sidebar in theme options)::
    Go to: hypershot\advance\utilities.php line ~231 and change this:
    if($force_full_width || $apollo13->get_option('blog', 'blog_sidebar') == 'off'){
    With kind regards.
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