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Work section issues.

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First of all, thank you for an awesome theme.

I do have some issues with the work(portfolio) section on my page, as far as I know this started recently, i.e. within the last two months (could be tied with the wp 4.5.2 update). I'm running Adamant v. 1.5.6. and the page in question is

The work ajax section doesn't load content of the items in the work section properly when clicked. It loads the header just fine, but not text, pictures etc. I've seen a few other posts with this problem, but no answer yet, and the latest one was 6months+.
The occurence seems totally random, even with incidents as some content loading fine on the first click, and not loading next time i tried them (without refreshing etc). I'm on a w10 machine and tried all browsers except opera and safari, same thing happening. It does seem however the content not loading is happening more frequent when in the "all" category, than the others.
Also when sorting using the categories there is a "jitter". Seems like the transition or transform on the items is happening twice.

Hope you hear from you!



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    Hi Simon,
    thank you for this report.
    As for the 'double animation' issue - the problem is already fixed, will be released in upcoming update.
    As for this strange randomish ajax issue - I'm still trying to find a solution.
    Please stay tuned, I'll let you know.
    Remember to rate our theme if you like it ;)
    All the Best.
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    Tyvm :)!
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