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Google map error API Key

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I have gotten 85% through my setup but am stuck on an issue that keeps popping up and have tried fixing it but am lost.

Issue is "[Error] Google Maps API error: MissingKeyMapError"

This is the Page "" where it occurs however I am unable to fix it, Have followed through the Google API instructions but they change the code into something different than what is already there, Is there a place for me to enter the API Key I have from google?

Or can you ID the key you currently have so I can change it for my own.


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    Thank you for this report, this is very odd.
    I think there can be a problem with google services in certain world spots.
    I'll investigate this issue,
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    FYI - new version of Xpert is available to download from Theme Forest.
    Please update it and all plugins, especially plugin named 'Custom post types for Xpert wp theme' where we placed modifications of Google Maps shortcode.

    After update:
    1. edit home page
    2. edit Google Maps shortcode
    3. provide a google api key.
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  • thank you surgeon it worked
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