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Problems with speed and menu editing WP admin

Two topics:
1.-I find that when installing WP admin template gets slow, difficult to enter sections, for example customized or some pages to edit. This is for any particular reason? I found that one of the plugins (featured-galleries) encuetra not a CSS, the admin-hidesidebar.css may be why the problem of slow?

2. Changing the menu header in ThemeForest indicate that it has an easy way to change, just as when a demo is imported.

I remain attentive, it is particular to point 1. Thanks!

Nicolas Greetings!
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    Hello Nicolas,
    could you please provide more info, like:
    - your website url
    - hosting provider
    - you could also provide login credentials so i could take a closer look at the speed issue. If this is ok for you - please do it only via private message (click my nick, then find 'Message' button in top right corner)
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    All the Best.
  • Responded with a private message.
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    I've checked the speed and here are results:
    1. our demo page Rhodes, hosted on (which is outstanding hosting) -
    2. your website based on Rhodes demo -

    your results are quite good. if you analyze Yslow recommendations you can easily improve speed score.
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    All the Best.
  • If speed is not bad, but my problem is slowness more than anything in the WP-admin, I often update to load the admin again. Especially when there is a lot of content on a website. Will be the weight of the template or server support?
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    Ok, thank you for login credentials.
    The problem that you've describe happened only once to me.
    Does it happen more often to you?
    There is a great plugin - which is able to monitor problems that occur while you're logged in as admin. Please install it and inform me about notifications (pass me those notifications and messages) whenever this problem shows again.
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