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No Padding on iPhone

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I have set up a page with three columns on Visual Composer, so that there would be padding on either side of the middle content. This works great on the Desktop but not on the iPhone. I tried to add extra padding via column editor, but that didn't work either. The mobile version content still appears flush with the edges, and it doesn't look good. (image attached)

What should I do to create padding for the mobile version?

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    Hello Mariya

    Its hard to write without seeing your settings but probably your main ROW is set to "Stretch row and content (no paddings)" and you must change it to "Stretch row and content" like on the screenshot:

    If this is not the solution please send me more info. Screenshot will be good :)

    With Regards
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    Thank you for the fast response - it worked!
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    Thats great Mariya! :)

    Dont forget to rate our theme if you like it. It will help us a lot ;)

    With Regards
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