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Menu over pop-up

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I am thinking of using typeform in near future and am testing it here:

On the computer everything is ok but on mobile, it becomes a popup. The problem is that main menu is over that popup and, for example, it disables the option to close that popup. I have talked to Typeform people and they say that the only way would be changing the z-index of the main menu so that it gets under the popup instead of on top of everything.

I still have not tried but I am going to use more types of popups soon, so maybe I will have the same problem with them.

Is it possible to make menu go under popups?

Best regards.
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  • AirAir
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    Hi there:-)

    I don't see popup, or I don't understand what you mean by popup. Anyway why would you want to have menu under it? Menu is opened only for few seconds and with intention to change page, so there is usability reason that user have menu fully accessible when he opened it. If someone plays with menu then this is not real use case:-)

    Do you agree with me?

    With kind regards.
  • Hello air,

    Sorry, my mistake: it is not main menu what interferes, but full screen icon.

    On mobile, when you click on that button, a popup opens (that is what Typeform people call it and, well, it pops and is up on everything (should), so I guess it is a popup).

    The problem is that full screen icon is over the closing "X" of the popup (see red circle), so you cannot close it and stay on that page. That is something I would like. You cannot close the popup if you want to leave in the middle, you cannot close it when you have sent all messages....

    I asked them how I could make their popup stay on top of everything and they answered that it is not possible because that icon (and well, menus, logo, etc) on the theme is on top of everything and I would have to lower its z-index.

    So my question is how I can make that popup stay at least on top of full screen icon (that sumome arrow on lower side also interferes but at least I am interested on being able to close the popup)

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  • AirAir
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    Hi again:-)

    OK, I was able to recreate it on Chrome.

    Try adding such custom CSS:
    .typeform-opened #mid{
    z-index: 20;
    With kind regards.
  • Hi,

    Nope, nothing changed.
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    Ok, problems with caches...

    It works. I think it does not work completely well but I am testing conflicts with other plugins.

    Thank you very much.

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  • AirAir
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    Great, you were able to refresh cache. It is now totally dependent on classes that this plugin add to body on mobile, so it should work, when this plugin work(when it detects mobile proper).

    With kind regards.
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