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Youtube video not working in My Works (Portfolio)


Up until this point, I have only been using Vimeo in My Works portfolios, with success. I would like to switch to Youtube videos now, but have not had any success in doing so. The result I see is a spinning timer icon, but video never loads. I've tried both types of Youtube video URLs of and with the same result. Here is the URL to the site: the portfolio item is Ascentec Engineering I've attached a screen-capture of what I'm seeing.

Thank you in advance for your help,
- Duc
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    Hello Duc!
    Thank you for this report, I'll investigate it asap.
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    All the Best.
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    Hello Duc,
    can I ask you for login credentials to your website? I'm trying to reproduce this issue, but no success so far - that's why I'd like to look at your WordPress installation.
    If it's ok for you - please send me login credentials via private message.
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    All the Best.
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