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Activating Visual Composer


I wanted to Activate Visual Composer, because it looks, that I cannot add template without activating (maybe I am wrong, because I newbie in WP) - but when I did -> "NO LICENSES FOUND". Sh!uld I be able to Activate?



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    Hi there:-)

    You don't have license key for Visual Composer, but for theme. If you buy VC separately then you will be able to activate license for it.

    Read here for more details

    Now to your main issue:
    nicusska said: it looks, that I cannot add template
    What you mean by this?

    With kind regards.
  • I wanted to add template from "Template library", there are some, but first I need to activate it, maybe I am not able to do it :)) ) I am WP newbie.

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  • AirAir
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    Yeah, this is only for direct Visual Composer clients, but it looks like they don't inform about it well enough, as this is quite new service that they offer.

    So in this case, if you want this, you will have to buy direct license from them.

    With kind regards.
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