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Hello, i deactivate the menu, so i have only my logo on the header. In my computer, the logo appears on the second slide with the top bar behind. But on mobile and tablet, the logo appears without the top bar. How can i do to keep the top bar and the logo on mobile without activate the menu ( it is a one page site).



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    Please always provide url to your website. It's much easier to manage your request when I can instantly take a quick look at your website.
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    Hello :-)

    Yes, live link would help a lot to understand your situation, cause it is not easy to understand just from description.

    As for top bar you have option to disable/enable it for mobile, so make sure you have it enabled :
    Customizing ▸ Header settings > Top bar > Display it on mobiles

    With kind regards.
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    Hello, Thanks you. Here you find two captures. For mobile, the logo is cut and no center like for computer version and the white bar have disappeared. How can i have the white top bar on mobile version without menu ?
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    Hello, thanks i do so " Customizing ▸ Header settings > Top bar > Display it on mobiles" but the logo is not in front of the top bar. ( like the capture) and now the top bar has a height too important on computer version. How can i do to have the logo on front of the top bar ? :)
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    I am not sure we talk about same things, please post live link so I could see it in action.
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    Hello, sorry but i can ' give you the url. When i do this correction " Customizing ▸ Header settings > Top bar > Display it on mobiles", i see this. The logo is not in front of the top bar.

    I dont ' why. I want to have the top bar on mobile and tablet with the logo. How can i do ?
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    Sorry but screen shot is not enough in this case. I have to see it live to be able to give some advice, as this is pretty dynamic element and lot can be going on there.

    With kind regards.
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