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Contact form 7 problem


Today I went to my site and it was blank. No message, no error.... Last night I updated only Yoast SEO plugin and everything was working ok.

After some trying, I realized the problem was contact form 7 plugin. It is not a compatibilty problem with another plugin. Simply if I enable it, my web dissapears. No idea why.

I already wasn't happy with that ajax call from that plugin slowing my site (still haven't had time to fight that) but now I simply cannot use it. If enabled, my site goes.

So my question is if there is so much problem in substituting that plugin recommended by you by another contact forms one. I mean, am I going to lose any specific characteristic of the theme that you programmed specifically for it or everything is going to be ok?



  • AirAir
    Posts: 10,056
    Hello :-)

    As I remember we only styled inputs as for contact form, so you should be fine with other plugin. If not please hit me here on forum.
    Anyway thanks for info about issue with contact form, I will make my check on this tomorrow.

    With kind regards.

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