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Rows of text & People section not formatting correctly since recent update

Hi Surgeon,

We are having odd behaviour with some of our rows. Most are displaying correctly positioned centred with generous 'margin' on both left & right.
While some are breaking the confides of the row and following the full width of the browser window, also aligning left 0px.

I have looked in the chillout settings, and the settings of each of the the rows causing issue, and cant see why they have changed. As far as I can tell they are set to the correct width settings - same as the other rows which are correct. I don't understand how some rows could be behaving like this whilst others not?

You can see the examples of the rows which I'm talking about on the following pages:

Website url:

Sections effected:
• About us - text is full width (should be centred)
• Our Clients (people section). This should only be displaying 6 boxes at all times. This increases to show all the boxes as the screen width increases.

• Responsible Persons - 1st paragraph of text is displaying full width, left 0px (Should be centred)
• Quality Management - text is displaying full width, left 0px (Should be centred)
• Legislation - text is displaying full width, left 0px (Should be centred)

Are you able to advise why this might have happened?

Many thanks,
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