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Header width

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Is there any way to reduce the width of header?


  • AirAir
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    Do you use vertical or horizontal header?

    For horizontal you have option Customizing ▸ Header settings ▸Type, variant, background ▸Content width ▸Narrow
    and then you can switch
    Customizing ▸ Header settings ▸Type, variant, background ▸Narrow also whole header ▸Enable

    With kind regards.
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    And is it possible to adjust the width of the vertical header (e.g. in order to use larger logo or menu)?

  • AirAir
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    Hey :-)

    No, there is no such option. I will not guarantee that it will work right away as it can require to recheck all responsive rules and layouts for the vertical header.

    Look for all occuracne of 280px in style.css and override it. There may be also some fixed 200px widths "inside" of the header, but they should be easier to hunt, when you know which features you are using.

    With kind regards.

    PS. Better start a new topic, then hijack old ones, so the original author of the topic will not get pinged unnecessary ;-)
    Thanks for the recycling anyway, I would do the same on your place :-)
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    Okay. Thanks very much for clarifying.
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