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How can i change colour of the single work page background and font style there? when i change in visual composer in preview it's ok (i would like to have white), but when i look normal on the web its always grey background.?


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    Hello there:-)

    Could you show what you mean, cause it can be interpreted in different way. Link or/and screen shot would help a lot.
    Generally you can set background in each work -> Work details -> Page background


    With kind regards.
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    thank You, but it works only on preview. When i go to the work through main page still is grey. :(
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    O yeah, now I understand. What you see in preview is work displayed as "standalone version" and what you see when you go to your site is work opened in lightbox, and for it you can not set background.

    However you can disable opening in lightbox : "Customizing ▸ Works settings ▸ Works list ▸ How to open work ▸Normal".

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    so i have the problem...i click ,,normal" and save-nothing change. still open in lightbox :(
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    Try switching this option few times, before saving - settings sometimes got stuck cause of Redux plugin issues.

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