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Dear Support-Team,
1. I am trying to work things out with the revolution slider. My customer can't see the youtube video.
There seems to be an error. See attached file. Can you tell me how to fix this.
Or is there an option to reimport only your example-slider?

2. I have a couple of background-images on my site. But they dont scale on mobile devices because its set up as parallax backgrounds. Is there a way to set up background images without parallax effect so the images scale down the right way without getting cut off?

Thank you, Christopher
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  • AirAir
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    Hello there:-)

    1. I don't know why you have problem exactly, but if you go to our Importer(Apperarance ->Apollo13 Import), next uncheck all options of import and choose demo you wish to import, importer will download all files needed for import, with sliders also, to wp-content/uploads/apollo13_tmp - then you can use it and import it in Revo slider plugin.
    Sliders will be named like

    2. My friend that knows Revo Slider best is out of office already. I will tell him to look in to this topic. Can you post link to that site, so he could know better what is going on?

    With kind regards.
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    Forgot screen shot to 1.image
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