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Layer slides dont show up when loading, intermittently

I have several layer sliders called on a landing page. When I load the page, it sometimes shows blanks where the slide is supposed to be, once refreshing again it appears. This is not normal behavior.

Please advise. Layerslider has worked in other themes I have used, flawlessly. So, any idea what could be causing this?



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  • AirAir
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    Hello :-)

    I can see what you mean. If you clear cache and load page then images in your layer slider have 0 width and height. I suppose there is lack of use of imagesLoaded script or something like that.

    After second load of page images are already cached so script can use them right away and they have proper dimensions .

    It doesn't look like theme issue, although there is possibility that there is some clash with theme scripts, but just not obvious one.

    I am not familiar with Layer Slider enough to know if there is some "images loaded" script that should fire, or should be enabled in layer slider options, so it would be great to ask this plugin developers.

    Hope this weekend answer will speed up finding solution to this issue:-)

    With kind regards.
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