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Don't be a dick. Be a friend policy:-)

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Hello there:-)

If you wonder about what is this topic, then this is short writing about understanding each other on the Internet. Communication over the Internet is hard, as you have to assume many things, and often our assumption is based on wrong ideas.

We are all humans here(not, google bot indexing this post is not included), we all make mistakes, learn constantly new things, and live in a world where everything changes so rapidly. We have many obligations and limited time and power to share between them. That is when mistakes happen, almost always not intended mistakes.

Who are dicks? These are people that even when you show them their mistake, and ways how to fix it, they still stand in their position refusing to admit their mistake while accusing you of your incompetence.
Dicks are also demanding - they act as you owe them something. That is a pretty poor attitude for cooperation as you can imagine.

After over 6 years of answering on the forum, and almost 8000 posts, I can spot candidate for dick quite fast. Luckily, sometimes they turn out to be nicest people ever and prove me wrong in my judge:-)

Was I a dick to some customers in the past? O yes, I was, many times replying with anger in mind, I have found out a few hours later regretting my answer and apologizing to them.
To fight such a thing it is important for both sides to understand each other:

You, customer, come here seeking help. We, support team, are here wanting to provide help and explanations.

We didn't sell you theme with intention of it not working, we don't plan to increase the number of support questions just so we can waste your and our time.
Every day we work to make our products better, to give you the best possible instructions, so you can learn and act quicker, so you will not frustrate over some minor things.

However, it is important to keep in mind that software changes every day, and things that worked together yesterday, today can be broken. Still, we should be able to make them work again, just need someone to report it. Next is just time and coffee.

As another example:
If notification about reply didn't arrive at your inbox, there is a chance it is in a spam folder, or maybe your inbox blocks mail from our server and you have to add us to white-list, or there was just typo in your e-mail address while registering. There are many possible explanations, so keep your mind open for them.

So when the time comes, clear your mind from frustration, and just let's work out solutions together.

Come on, let's talk like friends :-)

With kind regards.
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