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Fatmoon - uploads directory images - strange suffixes

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We have a bunch of new images created by the theme with strange suffixes (see the screenshots attached)

1) Why images get generated with strange suffixes in this directory?
2) We currently have 582 images in this directory.
a) How do we control when images are created?
b) What is the proper way to purge no longer needed images?

images list.jpg
process that creates images list, permissions are fixed already.jpg


  • Posts: 39
    Uploaded screen shots one more time.
    images list.png
    1813 x 981 - 1M
    process that creates images list, permissions are fixed already.jpg
    1917 x 643 - 84K
  • AirAir
    edited October 2017 Posts: 9,799
    Hi there:-)

    Images are created by our script that, make images in best size for current album/work settings.

    1) This hash at end identifies file by its settings. So once created file will not be created again.
    2a) I think you have so many files cause you have switched settings a lot.
    2b) Just delete all files in folder, and theme will only recreate needed one.

    With kind regards.
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