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Album shortcode for article


does anyone know what the best way is to integrate an already defined work or album into an article?

It's very inefficient to create all the time a gallery twice for different usages.

E.g. I want to create an album or work gallery and want to use it on the album / work list page and also in an article I had written about the concerned photo session.

Kind regards, harald


  • AirAir
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    Hello there!

    Albums and works are totally independent post types, so they can not be inserted into other posts/pages.

    Each have specific task they try to solve, like classic pages and posts have theirs.

    However I understand, that you would like to use images/videos that you have selected in your album to be easily embedable in post, even if they would have different layout then, right?

    That is something worth to think about in future, however for now there is no such solution.

    With kind regards.
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