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People / Team gallery in footer


I tried several hours to get a team slider with rev slider in the footer, but were unable or to stupid to do the right things. I defined a list of team members in the people section, adding a portrait as a featured image for each and defined a rev slider. But all I see is nothing, either in the rev slider preview nor if I use the slider together with a rev slider widget. Any idea what I made wrong? I also tried the same with the post_grid, but the result on the footer is: "status: nothing found". This is the shortcode I used:

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_basic_grid post_type="people" max_items="10" style="pagination" items_per_page="1" element_width="12" paging_color="purple" loop="yes" autoplay="5" item="2309" grid_id="vc_gid:1510084497355-90f3b8b1-eff8-10"][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Expected is a slide show with one team member every 5 sec.

Thanks for any hint.

Kind regards, harald


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    Hello Harald

    First of all, you can't use the Revo here, you must do it using the post grid (like you wrote in the second part of your question).

    It looks like you made the proper shortcode for the post grid but I'm not sure what is not working. This error sometimes occurs when there is a conflict between plugins. Try to deactivate other plugins one by one.

    If that does not help let you please send me temporary access to your WordPress so I could check there what is going on? Send it here on the forum via private message(click on my nick, in top-right corner you will find option "Message"). In the message please attach LINK to the topic it applies to.

    By sending access to WordPress I mean:
    -create a new ADMIN account with a fake e-mail
    -set some password to this account
    -send me created login and password

    With Regards
    Lead Graphic Designer
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