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WPBakery Page Builder Gallery limit


I am trying to add a grid gallery with WPBakery to a page, but after adding 19 photos it just hangs when you select more. I need to add 50, so it looks I am far away from home and I am going to have to make that page the standard way.

Is there such limit or there has to be another problem?

My WPBakery says there is an update for it. As I only can update it with Rife updates, when and how can I get that update?

Thank you.


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    I have tried with a different element, grid of media instead of gallery of images, and the same happens.
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  • AirAir
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    Hello there:-)

    We have just tested with version 5.4.2 of WPBakery Page Builder and added 80 images, and it worked fine, see here

    I don't know about any limit, so there is a chance there is some JavaScript conflict. Please send link to page where it happens.
    Lalouetto said: My WPBakery says there is an update for it. As I only can update it with Rife updates, when and how can I get that update?
    We are in middle of preparing big update, so when we will finish we will release it with plugin updates also. However this probably will not solve your issue, as we tested on latest version delivered with theme 5.4.2, not on 5.4.5

    With kind regards.
  • Hey Air,

    This is the page: That is a wordpress gallery (right now I have 2 different sizes of thumbs because I changed it but it seems I have to reload them to regenerate sizes of photos).

  • AirAir
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    Hi there:-)

    For me it shows 51 images exactly. As you say it is WordPress gallery now and I think you previously mentioned Media Grid element from WPBakery?

    So is it solved or you have changed way of displaying your images?

    With kind regards.
  • Hi.

    Well, it is wordpress gallery because, as I am saying, WPBakery does not work... :) That is what I meant with "the standard way" on my first post.

    I would prefer WPBakery. I tried all grids and all had the same problem.

  • AirAir
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    Yes, that what I thought. However I asked you for link where issue can be seen. Instead you gave me working one ;-)

    If you can create copy of this page and use WPBakery media grid instead, and send me link to this page.

    With kind regards.
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