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Remove pages from search page

Hi !

I still havve the same problem than before :

I have removed line 29 already, but it came back.

Thank you !



  • AirAir
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    Hi Sophie!

    Yes, this file no longer exists in theme, so you can remove it altogether.

    You have now 2 solutions:
    Remove it from rife\advance\utilities\posts.php line ~550
    get_template_part( 'no-content');

    Or better copy file rife\no-content.php to child theme and empty it - this should be future proof :-)

    Hope that helps, and sorry for problems!

    With kind regards.
  • Thank you, it is empty now !
  • Sorry, but I still have the problem also of english translation on that page. Last topic, you said to upload mo and po file, so now it is already there, and well translated. But search result page is still in english and I can't figure out why.
  • AirAir
    Posts: 10,970

    So you have same problem as last time that string isn't translated?
    Maybe I will take a look as last time?

    Could you please send me temporary access to your WordPress and FTP so I could check there what is going on? Send it here on forum via private message(click on my nick, in top-right corner you will find option "Message"). In message please add LINK to topic it applies to.

    By sending access to WordPress I mean:
    -create new ADMIN account with fake e-mail
    -set some password to this account
    -send me created login and password
  • AirAir
    Posts: 10,970
    I have logged into your site, and nor in main theme, nor in child theme there are any translation file for French language.

    Can you check it, and maybe upload theme again?

    With kind regards.
  • Hi,

    Indeed, I thought the wp-content/languages/fr_FR.po/mo were enough. Last time (previous topic), it was that one we talked about, and it worked. Should I translate the one in RIFE now ?
  • Well, I build a new translation file mo/po and it works now ! Thank you for your help !
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