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Getting rid of empty space

Hi guys,
I have another question. This time I guess it's probably an easy one ;-)

On my home-page ( I have a slider + a post grid with my works in, but now I don't want so much white space between the slider and the grid. I tried various things, with adjusting paddings and borders etc... from the row and from the grid itself, but it doesn't work. If the white space gets smaller, I seem to cut of a part of my grid, so that's kind of strange... Can you help me out with this? So ideally, I want no/minimal white space between the slider and the grid.

Thanks a lot!


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    Hello Anneleen

    I fixed it. You had "full height" enabled in your second ROW :)

    With Regards
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  • Hey Daniel,
    Thank you :) But I still can't seem to have the effect I want to give a try. Ideally, I want to see what it would look like if there was no white space between the post grid and the slider + no white space between the post grid and the footer. I tried various settings in paddings/border/margin...but nothing seems to fix it.

    Can you take another look at it?
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    Fixed :)

    I had to add the special class to disable the revolution margin (there is no chance to remove it using the WP Bakery options.

    About white padding around the works, the post grid had the 10px margins in the settings.

    With Regards
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  • Thank you :-)
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