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Plugin updatedoes not work after installing the latest theme

I've installed the latest theme update wich worked fine, now wordpress shows me to update the plugins "Revolution Slider" from to 5.4.8 and also the same for the plugin "WPBakery Page Builder". Weh I try to update the plugins the site hangs in update mode and after a few minutes I get the message that the update didn't work ans should be done again. My site is working with the old plugins.

Any sugestions what I can do?

Kind regards,


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    After a few atempts the installation of "Revolution Slider" worked, but installing and activation of "WPBakery Page Builder" failed with the following error:

    An error occurred while installing WPBakery Page Builder: Der Zielordner existiert bereits. /home/.sites/19/site1563311/web/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/js_composer/.
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    Had to rename the folder js_composer and restart installation of the plugin, site is working ...
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    WPBakery Page Builder latest version is 5.5.1 and must wait for that. Revolution Slider the upgrade has been with me without any problems
  • AirAir
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    Hey guys:-)

    Yes, as ussual, WPBakery released update after we did it... I will try to release another small update on Monday. Maybe they will release another fix till then.

    As for updating plugin, I have tried and indeed it took longer then I expected but was successful. Not sure why you have faced issues @eberger71. Maybe it was something with the size of these files, hard to tell for now.

    With kind regards.
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