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PHP Warning - CSS

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Every day I get PHP error logs with these two messages.

[22-Jun-2018 11:53:06 UTC] PHP Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /home/####/public_html/wp-content/themes/photoproof/advance/user-css.php on line 63
[22-Jun-2018 11:53:06 UTC] PHP Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /home/####/public_html/wp-content/themes/photoproof/advance/user-css.php on line 69
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  • AirAir
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    Hello :-)

    Everyday? Are you changing theme settings so often? :-)

    It seems it comes from logo width settings Appearance → Customize → Header Settings → Logo.
    Can you send me the screenshot of what values you have there?

    With kind regards.
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  • AirAir
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    Everything seems fine. However, I suspect Image logo got stuck somehow.
    I see on your site that you use text logo, but these settings that make errors are from image logo.

    Try switching to image logo, check if there is any image set. If it is, then remove it, and switch back to text logo, and save.

    With kind regards.
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    Customization => Header settings => Logo

    - Use logos from header variants = Disable
    - Type = Text
    - Text = Here I typed the same text that is in the wordpress settings

    Before Type be Image, but since there was no image then it displayed the text from the wordpress settings.

    After I've changed settings to be as above writes error_log does not appear anymore. At least not with those mistakes :smiley:
  • AirAir
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    Aha, so you were missing image. Good to know, and thanks for all details!

    With kind regards.
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