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Gradient on home page slider images in Crops Design

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I am setting up a site using the Crops template. The images on the home page slider have what seems to be a gradient over the bottom half of the page. It makes them look very dull. I can't seem to find a control in either the album or the slider to eliminate that gradient.

What causes it, and can I eliminate it?

Many thanks!
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  • AirAir
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    Hey there:-)

    Could you show me a link to your page, so maybe I could understand more what issue are you facing?


    With kind regards.
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    Despite the fact the I liked it very much, at this point I've abandoned the Cropps design, because I could not find any way to create a slider that did not make my images look dull. I'm working with the Fully design now, where that is not a problem, and attempting to modify it to be more to my liking. The site is at, but I'm working behind a "Coming Soon" message. How can I show you the site ?
  • AirAir
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    39frames said: because I could not find any way to create a slider that did not make my images look dull
    Sorry to hear that. Shame I couldn't see what you mean before you have changed it :-)
    39frames said: How can I show you the site ?
    If you don't face any issue now, then don't worry about it. When the time comes that you will need to show me your site, you can always send me temporary access to your website. I will ask you about it when needed :-)

    With kind regards.
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    The "Cropps" theme front page has a gallery of four images that have their height staggered. How is the height variation accomplished?
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    It is not a gallery but single images in four column layout. If you want to change the position of images, you must edit each image and go to the "Advanced" tab and edit the margins. Check the screenshot.

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    I see! Thank you. I didn’t think the lightbox feature would work on a single image. Great to know it does.

    Another question— the footer in the Fully design has a RIFE logo in it (to the right). What is the source of that logo? I thought I had changed all of them, but that one persists.
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    You must edit the source of this text widget and remove the image from it :)
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    Got it. Thanks again.
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