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Landscape Responsive CSS

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I am running into issues with Elementor and Landscape view - really as they dont offer anyway to preview landscape mode!

Site is fine in 768px which is the only tablet size available as portrait but I see a number of issues in any landscape mode on both tablet and mobile

This is not your theme - its new elementor sections I have added to the page.

Are there a general set of easy new CSS media breakpoints I can add to get the site to view in landscape mode like desktop until it hits mobile portraits (768px) and 360px. I guess this means there are several entries that need to be made from desktop down??? I am not a dev or would have taken care of this already..

If you can do anything to help that would be appreciated or let me know if you want to quote privately for this.

Theres an example attached - but responsinator shows the landscape issues quite clearly and seems to cover most common devices and breakpoints.

Theres nothing I can do in Elementor responsive mode as anything in landscape mode is custom css only. I dont want anything fancy - just consistency - so its the same in landscape mode until it hits portrait across devices.

Thanks a lot :)

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    There is one easy answer for this, Elementor covers only desktop, tablet, and mobile resolutions but of course, you know that. They did not want to create more breakpoints because there are so many devices that there is no chance to cover it all. Another thing is code, and many more breakpoint would generate a lot more code.

    It is always a matter of compromise. We're also not always happy in 100% with the results of what Elementor do, but please remember that is a plugin and if you're using it you must understand that making some tweaks now can result in breaking something in the future (updates happens all the time ;) )

    Another thing to remember, people don't need a perfect website on mobile, they need access to the information.

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