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Problem with Raven Pricing page - page is not responsive for iPad tablets or similar

I'm having a problem with the pricing page with Raven - looks great in Phone and desktop views, but on tablets the pricing table really needs to take up the whole page, at the moment it's cut off by the menu and isn't responsive.
Can you help with fixing this please?
Here's the page I tried it out on for you to see the issue in action:


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    Hello Heather

    1 Step
    Edit this page (not in the Elementor) and go the Page Details tab.
    Look on this screenshot and set Content Layout to "Fullwidth"

    2 Step
    Edit this page in Elementor and disable the "Strech Section" option in this section where you have pricing tabs.

    These steps will prevent moving your content under the left vertical header.
    Let me know if it helps :)

    With Regards
    Lead Graphic Designer
  • Hi
    Thanks for this - and I've edited the page details tab, but I can't find the 'Stretch Section' option where I have the pricing tabs in the Elementor page.
    Here's a screen shot - where I find that option?
    The content is still under the left vertical header unfortunately...
    Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 00.03.27.png
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    Hi Heather

    You should find it in the first tab:
    If this won't work, send me the temporary login details on the email address, and I'll look on this.

    With Regards
    Lead Graphic Designer
  • That's wonderful - all sorted. The option showed when I clicked on the most outer box - not the pricing box - that was where I was missing it :-) Thank you!
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