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How to stretch columns to get rid of white side columns?

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Hi there, I'm using a 13 inch Mac laptop and next to the column I've created I can see two white side columns. In Elementor in sections I can choose to stretch the section. But how do I get rid of the white side columns in the column parts?


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    Hi Sterhes,
    Please send a screenshot or link to your website.
    Best Regards,
    Lead Graphic Designer
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    Sorry, here's the screenshot.
    Schermafbeelding 2019-06-20 om 11.01.47.png
    2846 x 1420 - 2M
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    Like you wrote in the previous comments the "Stretch Section" should do the trick.
    If this does not work that I must look on your live website (you can send me a link in the Private message) because it is not normal that stretching not works for you.

    Lead Graphic Designer
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