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Some icons appearing as boxes (icons not found)

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I hope you can help with the following.

I have purchased the OneLander theme, but some icons appear as boxes, everything seems to be setup ok and I checked a few threads here as one of the more obvious places where boxes are displaying in place of icons is on the top menu (social icons). So I made sure all had valid links. I added the AddToAny icon plugin in case that made any difference, but still no icons and

I haven't installed any other 3rd party plugins as yet. I can PM the site details, but perhaps there is a quick fix?

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    Hello :-)

    It seems that this happens on a new installation with Elementor 2.6.0 as it has added support for FontAwesome 5.

    To fix please try going to admin area → Elementor → Settings → Advanced → Load Font Awesome 4 Support → Yes.

    Let me know did it help, and I will work on an update for the theme to solve this situation.

    With kind regards.
  • Thank you. Yes, that worked perfectly. :)
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