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Need Help , Please

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I understand Airborn is old theme for your theme but this is something very very good for me and i am using it and need your help and support like you did in past.

I have attached screenshot to explain it in more detail, please check

1 - how can i increase the text count in excerpt (i.e more words in excerpts)

2 - how can i make the home Blog post area little more wider , please check screenshot , if you can guide me to move picture little more towards left and increase the text area, this may be possible.

Looking for your help.

i always appreciate your support and hope to get a positive response this time too .
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    1. Go to airborn/advance/airborn.php ~1081
    function twentyten_excerpt_length( $length ) {
    return 40;
    Chnage 40 to your number of words you wish to see in excerpt.

    2. Changing it would require too much editing, after which your layout may be broken in some cases.

    With regards.
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