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Header implode function

Hello recently I keep getting flashes from the theme header about some lines not working. Attached you can see what I am talking about. Any tips on how to fix it?
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  • AirAir
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    Hello :-)

    First things first: this should come handy in terms of screenshots

    As for your question:
    Please go to Customizer and fonts menu

    There please make sure to select some font for each section and save changes in customizer. After this, you can revert back to old settings for fonts.

    Now notices should disappear.

    With kind regards.
  • Hello, I've tried that and it did not work, it appeared even with roboto font throuout the site.
  • AirAir
    Posts: 10,914
    Hey :-)

    Please renew your support as I have explained in private message, and later I will take a look at your installation.

    Please send me temporary* access to your WordPress and FTP so I could check there what is going on. Send it here on the forum via private message(click on my nick, in top-right corner you will find option "Message"). In message please add LINK to topic it applies to.

    By sending access to WordPress I mean:
    -create a new ADMIN account with a fake e-mail
    -set some password to this account
    -send me created login and password

    *temporary - please delete this account after I am done, for your safety!
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