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Q: HowTo add more than one URL to footer?

It’s clear that Customize > General Settings > Footer > Privacy Policy link allows me to easy add the respective Privacy Policy. Adding it this way is great, as it automatically changes once visitors change their language preference.

I’m wondering if there is also any easy way to add a second link to it?

Reason behind this question is, that while it’s legally not ultimately required, but nevertheless mostly highly recommended to keep 'Privacy Policy' and 'Site Notice' as two independent documents.

Adding the ’Site Notice’ in field Customize > General Settings > Footer > Content is no real option, as that field doesn’t change upon changing language preference. It simply wasn't designed for this purpose I think.

Or is the solution to not use both forementioned features, but a manual widget (haven’t investigated that so far, as it sounded complicated)?

Ideally the footer as "Privacy Policy | Site Notice“ linking to two files and both change upon changing language preference.

What's the smartest way to achieve this?


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