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horizontal header menu breaks into 2 lines


first, i love your theme and work very long with it.

But the problem is, the menu goes on the second line before the mobile menu appears! Why?
If the menu has no more space, it should immediately switch to the Hamburg menu!
I've read and tested a lot here, but nothing worked.
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    Svenner said: here, but nothing worked.
    Unfrtunatelly it doesn't work like that. Mobile menu show up on devices with less then 1024px of width.

    It is like that since we introduced the theme 2016 and there is no much that can be done, except for reorganizing the header to have less links(redundant home for example), reorgnizing some links into submenus and shrinking the logo.

    Even if this looks worse then single line menu, tests has shown thta users prefer to click links in such menu then opening mobile menu and there clicking desired menu.

    Sorry if this is not what you desired :-(

    With kind regards.

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