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Use albums pages sections with same full witdh/height format of homepage or about us

Hello good afternoon.

Contact because I would like to be able to use album pages such as https://rifetheme.com/fatmoon-houston/album/gallery3/ or https://rifetheme.com/fatmoon-houston/album/gallery4/ or others but using the same page format where the menu is inside the image, as in https://rifetheme.com/fatmoon-bronx/about-me/.

I would like to display first a complete image like https://rifetheme.com/fatmoon-bronx/about-me/ and after that and the title, the album.

How could I use this kind of configuration to use albums like https://rifetheme.com/fatmoon-houston/album/gallery3/ or https://rifetheme.com/fatmoon-houston/album/gallery4/



  • AirAir
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    Hello :-)

    You could add title bar to single albums by Customizer - this the only way I see this can be done.

    Go to Customizing → Albums settings → Single album - Title bar .
    Set here your title bar with background image and some top/bottom padding.

    Go to Customizing → Albums settings → Single album → Hide content under the header and select Yes, hide the content.
    Next one option lower, choose proper Header color variant .

    It should bring you pretty near to what you want.
    However, you will be able to set only one image for all the albums.

    With kind regards.
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