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LIGHTBOX buttons

in Rife Posts: 14
this is a Works element.
I saved a section as a template and added it to this page. (image 1)
Looks good in elementor, but when viewing live it looks different. (image 2)

So I removed it and I added a button instaed (image 3), but it's not showing at all (image 4)

any ideas what i can do?
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    They are opening in a lightbox window I think
  • AirAir
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    Hey :-)

    Unfortunatelly what is desinged in Elementor will not be replicated in this lightbox, as there is no way to encapsulate styles that come with Elementor, only for lightbox.

    It would have to be done in totally different way, with usage of the iframe for example. Currently, works lightbox, is part of the same page, so styles would "leak" everywhere.

    You would have to open works as normal pages, instead of the lighbox, to see those styles: Appearance → Customize → Works Settings → Works list → How to open work → Normal

    With kind regards.
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