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Blog - option to sign up for updates - Rife Pro Peeky

Hi Dan and Air,

I really hope you're well and your family too. It's been weird here.

I'm using the Peeky theme for and would love to add an option somewhere on the blog page for visitors to sign up for blog updates.

Are you able to advise if there's a page or a post variant I can use?

Kind regards,



  • AirAir
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    Hey Heather :-)

    Everyone is hidden in their houses and we are waiting, but we are pretty fine, thanks.
    Hope everything will get better in the UK as well. Are you staying at home?
    hoodledoodles said: I'm using the Peeky theme for and would love to add an option somewhere on the blog page for visitors to sign up for blog updates.
    Are you using some plugin for this feature? If yes, then we can think about how to place it anywhere.
    Maybe good option would be to activate the blog sidebar, and there add it as a widget if possible.

    With kind regards.
  • Yes, I'm self-employed so I've lost all my bookings this year, I get to go out for a bit of exercise as I live near deserted woodland! But better to be safe and alive and broke. We are all using Zoom and Skype to talk to relatives. Some silly people are going to festivals and beaches but I think that will have to stop soon!

    I think I'll be using the plugin Email Subscribers & Newsletters unless you recommend something better. I was hoping Elementor might have a widget for it!

    I like the idea of using the blog sidebar. If you have any suggestions on the widget that would be great!

    Chat soon,
  • AirAir
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    Glad to hear that you are staying safe!

    It is getting crazy in Poland as well. We don't have much death victims yet(less than 10 people), but government today have decided to fully block everyone at home, as much as possible, and currently, you can not walk on the street in more than 2 people group, and you can go out only for work, walk the dog, or for food shopping.

    As for your question: I don't have anything to recommend, as I didn't use anything like that.
    If the plugin that you wrote about has a widget option build in, then it will be a good choice.
    I know that there are also some plugins that offer what you are looking for in a pop-up.
    However, I have also not used any of them before.

    I have just checked, and in this plugin description there is written:
    Collect customer emails by adding a subscription box using Widget, Form Shortcode or PHP code.
    So I think you can add it to blog :-)

    With kind regards.

  • Hi it's me again. I managed to sort this using your suggestions.
    I used the widget option in the plugin and it works really well. I updated the hidden sidebar to include signup, and then I also added the right sidebar to the posts, so that people could sign up there too. I left the Blog page as it was, as it felt like it would mess the look up too much. But thanks!!! Hope you're well, this is just horrible at the moment.
    Kind regards, H
  • AirAir
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    Wow, very nice Heather.

    I applaud you for doing it on your own :-) 👏 👏
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