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How to have a background image across the whole site?

Hi Dan and Air,

I'd like to put a background image across the site (so ideally across the sidebar and the main page, and then then I place the sections and boxes etc over the background.

Or to have the background over the whole of the main page, and a pastel solid or gradient colour for the side bar.

I can put an image on the sidebar, and I can change the colour, but I don't seem to be able to have an image across the whole thing.

In Elementor I only seem to be able to put the background on the sections, which means that it looks silly when the page is resized.

Would you know which direction to point me in? I can usually work it out once I'm in the right place! I've googled it and looked on Elementor but I can't seem to find how to do this, and I probably need to do this to a couple of sites.




  • Hi - if you can look at, you can see I've managed to get the background settings across the blog page, and also on one other page (Films), but not had any luck on setting it on Home, About Me, and Contact Me. What am I doing wrong on these pages? Ta very much!!!!
  • OK - I worked it out for most of the pages I went in and set the layout to global settings, and then set customization options for the pages. It's just on Home and About, I want the top images to be full page width, but the area underneath it to have the page background. Is that actually possible? !!
  • AirAir
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    Hello :-)
    hoodledoodles said: It's just on Home and About, I want the top images to be full page width
    You have to make the theme header transparent, or semi-transparent to see your background across whole width.

    Go to Appearance → Customize → Header Settings → Type, variant, background → background color and either set opacity of the color to 0 or to something below 100

    Now I am not sure of one thing: you want this effect to only happen on Home and About me pages?

    With kind regards.
  • I wanted the effect on all the pages, managed it except for Home and About Me. Will check this out tomorrow, filming today...
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