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Album and Work text shown on Album and Work lists

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I want to change the text displayed when hovering and after clicking an image in the Album and Work lists. I can only enable or disable title and description of album items in the Albums an Works areas. Title in this case means the filename as uploaded. How can I show alternative text and captions to each single image instead of the filename as title?

My objective is to add meaningful titles and explain (give some context and tell a short story) each photography/image in the albums and works.

Example: Instead of "south_korea_busan_19", I want to write "Haeundae Beach in Busan" as title, and as caption "Haeundae beach is a popular get-together spot among young people in Busan."

This is one album with the title and caption (empty for now) enabled from the Album area. It doesn't work when I try to change it from the Customize area...


J.T. Oliveira


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