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Serious issue, no changes

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Hi, well i have this serious issue with this website that i'm creating for a client and is very urgent. I realised that sometimes the website is still showing some old things i have already changed, for example the old logo, some errors in the menu etc but i thought is just for me. My client confirms thatthe website doesn;t have the changes i made and yesterday i realised that all these changes are visible only if I'M LOGGED IN. if I LOG OUT the website turns back to previous version.
I have checked cache, i have cloudflare and fastest cache enabled. could you please take a look, i need help on this one


  • AirAir
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    Hello :-)

    Could you share more details?
    Like a link to the page where it happens?

    The issue that you describe is most often connected to the cache, either in the WordPress(plugin) or on the server(s).

    Your all cache mechanics should be disabled until you are done with layout tweaks and adding functionality(plugins).

    Do you have any cache plugins installed, or some minifiers/compressors ?

    With kind regards.
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