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People / Testimonials Will not display in multiple columns

Hello, I'm using Starter theme, PostGrid item and I would like to display my testimonials in two columns. If I change PostGridSettings > Grid Elements per Row > The columns get less wide, but there is still only one column / one element per row. How can I Fix this?
Screen Shot 2022-02-12 at 11.06.57 AM.png
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Screen Shot 2022-02-12 at 11.07.50 AM.png
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  • AirAir
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    Hey there :-)

    Could you share a live link, so I could check how it is made, and then advise something?

    With kind regards.
  • I set it to 3 columns, with a display of 9. Instead of a grid with three across, I get 9 items in one single column. I have tried Apollo 13 testimonial, Fatmoon Testimonial, and several other grid element templates. It's the same.
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    Hi Shannon. Right now I see 2 columns, please confirm that the problem with one column still exists on your side.

    With best regards,
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  • Hi daniel, my client got tired of me waiting for support to help so I rebuilt it by hand. The testimonials do not work when placed on a single page by themselves. I spent way too many hours on this and it's been a huge hassle. Thanks for getting back to me but I couldn't wait all week. Sorry.
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