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Video Background don´t work

i can only use a uploades video or a youtube video in Elementor by dragging basic video in the crurrent page.
But i like to use it as a backround a discussed i a post:
like this
my test page is

a) is there a way to use a video background without a plugin? How?
b) i tried it in the site details: media ... video (doesn´t work)
c) a plugin Video Background 2.7.3 (doesn´t work)

Video Background

Link to .mp4

Link to .webm

Link to fallback image


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    Hi there,

    Please try to add your link with the mp4 video in the background as shown on the screenshot below.
    I hope it solves your problem.

    With regards,
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  • many thanks, but "video" isn´t available. I use a free Elementor.
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    I also use the free Elementor version, which works fine on my end.
    Please send me temporary access to your WordPress dashboard.
    Don't post it here but click on my name and do it by sending a private message.

    Best regards,
    Lead Graphic Designer
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