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Submenu appearing on hover

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What my client want to have is the submenu appearing on hover on menu item, not on click. Also, the submenu has children too, meaning all of them to be shown on hover.
I have attached the menu item and submenus.

It is possible to do this having the current configuration for the site?

Screenshot 2023-11-14 at 23.08.08.png
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  • Hello :-)

    Our theme doesn't support the hover submenu. It is explained here

    With kind regards.
    Support, The
  • geogeo
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    Ok, thank you for your reply.

    Then, could you please help me and point me to the right direction for the following :
    when the user is clicking on the menu item, I want the submenu and the sub sub-menu items for this to be shown (all the children to be shown , until 3rd level).

    The client want to do less clicks as possible.
  • can you pls provide your website's url?
    Support, The
  • geogeo
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    Sure, this is the URL , Coaching is the menu
  • Hi.
    It's rather not viable...
    Take a look at you menu - Coaching has two sub-items (personal and profesional) - both have their sub-items.
    So if you want open entire menu structure on single click on the main menu item - it would end-up with both submenus opened.
    So as you see - our approach is pretty well backed up.
    Support, The
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